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Sebastian Schick, ACC™, is an Executive Coach, inspirational Speaker and Leadership Consultant, servicing SMB’s and individuals across Europe and South East Asia.

Sebbo, as he is known from his time as a professional breakdancer, is unafraid to be 100% authentic and to tell it like he sees it. With his creative style and high-energy message, he is an entertaining, thought-provoking business practitioner.

Sebastian’s faith and audacity to live life on his own terms are the perfect example of his quotes, “Everything is possible, the impossible just takes a little longer” and “fail and fail again, until you fall into greatness”.

Drawing from his own personal experiences as they relate to failing in school, the absence of his biological father, believing that he is not enough and various other obstacles, Sebastian allows his life to be an “open book” from which radiates hope and inspiring messages that relate to many people from all walks of life.

“It would be great to have a life like … but …” was the conversation in which Sebastian grew up. Against all odds he changed his mindset and turned his life around. Focused on making his dream come true, he became a professional dancer and choreographer who has eventually trained thousands of Millennials and Gen Zs in the art of dance. Through his work with his dance students, he discovered his passion for leading people to achieve their dreams. It was then that he decided to take up an education in experiential learning and adventure education to equip himself with the professional competence to fuse his movement background with the structure of pedagogical learning. This was the momentous decision that has since changed the course of his life, and the lives of the many people that he has since worked with professionally.

In his mission to inspire the next generation to change the world for the better, Sebastian has since created of a multitude of inspiring trainings, seminars and relationships that have empowered people from all walks of life to take practical steps towards sustainable change and fulfillment.

Today a professional-trained and highly-experienced Executive Coach and Partner Consultant with the acclaimed WEGVISOR® COMPANY, Sebastian is an effectively bilingual coach and consultant in English and German who has extensive intercultural experience. His zest for life, incredible passion for people and unshakeable belief in the human potential has led to his international success, with a large client base hailing from all over the world.

Sebastian is the author of FADING DARKNESS – TURN ON THE LIGHT WITHIN YOU, a well-received novel that blends immersive storytelling with a unique coaching approach.

He is married to the love of his life and currently divides his time between Germany and his tropical island home Singapore.

  • Das sagen meine Kunden:

Sebastian is a great person that I admire. The workshop was inspiring and meaningful. Sebastian is a great facilitator. With his accommodating and energetic style he helped me and everyone else to get deeply involved in the content of the workshop. Today I am purposeful because of what I have learned. Thanks a million.

Ron Lee, CTO Advocado App, Singapore

Working with Sebastian allowed me to ask myself the questions that I would not have otherwise had the courage to do so. Unlocking some of these answers has made a visible difference in my personal relationships and my professional performance. I have gained more respect and trust from my peers and superiors because I have been able to better define myself with the help of Seb. I highly recommend his coaching sessions to all professionals, no matter what career-stage they are at.

Ynez Ysabel Alcid, Strategy and Development Manager at Luxasia Pte Ltd, Singapore

The training with Sebastian was a lot of fun! And at the end I was perfectly prepared for my challenge. Since I’m a competitive sportsman myself, I know exactly which qualities are essential for a coach. He’s patient, competent and if there’s a problem he always finds a solution. It’s been a great time!

Marcel Nguyen, Artistic Gymnast, silver medal in the Olympics 2012 and 4th place as Team in the Olympics 2008

I have been a client of Sebastian for more than half a year already and I’m planning to continue our work in the future. I’m grateful to have such a dedicated coach like him. We were able to build a trustful relationship from the first session. The biggest shift happened for me, when I realized that I have all the means, motivation, and courage to get the life I want. My goals didn’t seem that unachievable anymore. Since then each session we have is a small step towards a wholehearted life.

Kate Kudryavtseva, Financial Analyst at Kusto Real Estate, Singapore

I had the pleasure to attend a training program with Sebastian in Singapore. Even though the 1 week program was challenging, he was able to constantly motivate me throughout the entire time and was instrumental in me achieving my own personal breakthrough. He was fully committed and gave me and the other participants his undivided effort and attention. Thanks to him and the training, I am now focused in my aspirations and more confident in achieving my purpose and goals in life.

Fred Tay, Game Designer, Philippines

My coaching with Sebastian has let me grow in my personality. Today, I feel strengthened and more stable from within as entrepreneur. I have learnt to see the small steps I take in the coaching process as successes. Many small stones build the empire. I myself am the empire. What I manifest inwardly, I can project to the outside world. The conversations with Sebastian Schick weren’t just motivating, but also self reflecting to the very core. My biggest competitor is myself. I never would have thought what’s in me if Sebastian wouldn’t have challenged it over and over again with his questions.

Linda Walterschen, Former Assistant Manager Sales & Marketing at Bristol Charter, Dubai


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